About the Bonny Marlin Paint Gun Cleaning & Recycling System

The Bonny Marlin Gun Cleaning/Recycling and Paint Waste Reduction System is new technology that provides maximum gun cleaning results, produces zero hazardous waste and eliminates the need for lacquer thinner. The system will help reduce operating, storage, and disposal costs, while reducing liability, and protecting the environment.

The Bonny Marlin SystemTM puts the environment and employees health first, without sacrificing efficiency or production.

Features of the System

  • Self-contained station for cleaning & recycling
  • The Bonny Marlin cleaning solution is EPA recognized
  • Waste material minimization plan – RCRA required
  • Environmental policy statement
  • Recycling program

The Bonny Marlin System eliminates the practice of using lacquer thinner to clean paint guns. Lacquer thinner is toxic, flammable, contains Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs). It also produces costly hazardous waste and is harmful to worker’s health and the environment. The drums housing the toxic lacquer thinner at the auto refinishing facilities are often referred to as “Drums of Liability”.

Benefits of Using the System

  • Maximum gun cleaning results
  • Reduce federal and local regulation burden
  • Reduce the risk of criminal and civil liability
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Protect the public health and the environment
  • Improve employee morale, participation in environmental protection, and safety
  • Enhance the company´s image in the community

The Bonny Marlin System incorporates features not available in any other paint gun cleaning equipment on the market today. The system is a self-contained paint gun cleaner and solution recycler system that can be placed in the paint mixing room. Other products currently on the market typically require two pieces of equipment, one for gun cleaning and another for recycling. At least one (if not both) of these pieces require electrical power and cannot be located in the mixing room. The Bonny Marlin System DOES NOT require electrical power and the entire unit can be located in your shop’s paint mixing room.

About the Founders

The founders and creators of The Bonny Marlin System have over 75 years experience in the Automotive Collision Repair Industry. Added to this is over 15 years of experience specializing in the areas of hazardous waste prevention in the same industry. This concern for environmental issues coupled with a strong sense of community responsibility and professional commitment are the key elements that went into the creation and development of the Bonny Marlin Paint Gun Cleaning System.

The owners of Scuderi Auto Body, a car repair shop in Rockville, MD, developed the system in March of 2002. The owners had an urgent need to find an alternative approach to paint waste management, and also sought to eliminate the hazardous waste they were generating and eliminate the use of lacquer thinner by their employees.